Mandy McDougall, Prism Centre
“It was obvious that your talent and creativity were thoroughly enjoyed…it’s a rarity to find such a professional, creative and entertaining performer.”

Debbie Scott, Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library
“I was charmed by Yvette and her Puppet Friends. She manages to draw an audience in with gentle wit and charm. There were many moments of hushed anticipation. Yvette captivates you and then you are “caught under her spell”. The gentle love yvette has for her puppets translates to the audience and you end up loving them all.”

Donna Coulter, Grade 3 Teacher, Sir Winston Churchill Public School
“Terrific presentation! Very relevant material. Kids interested in puppets and message. I enjoyed & was pleased to see the inclusion and discussion regarding various faiths.”Karen Swartz, Grade 3 Teacher, Emily Carr Public School
“Thank you for developing a script/presentation on such an important issue. The children enjoyed the presentation and became involved at many times throughout. Cultural diversity is something all teachers and students face and programs such as yours help the children understand everyone’s differences and similarities.”Anita Wiebe, Grade 3 Teacher, Balaclava Public School
“My class tends to need something creative to capture their attention, and your performance/presentation did just that. Everyone, including myself were amazed and impressed with the whole show. The topic was perfect and age appropriate. My students got a lot out of it and were eager to use the suggestions we discussed after your show.”

J. McKinney, Grade 1 Teacher, Eastdale Public School
“The performance was entertaining and informative. The students were involved at all times. Yvette’s gentle voice for herself and the puppet was very calming. Although most of the children thought Oscar was a tape recording! Great presentation of bullying with practical ideas to deal with very specific situations.”

Sheila Ripley, JK/SK Teacher, Ekcoe Central Public School
“Excellent presentation. Held pupils’ interest throughout. Pupils keen to respond and quick to pick up on song. Topics identified were appropriate to age level and provided students with alternatives to solve problems they face. Appreciated the fact we were included in the presentation. Thanks!”

Brenda Bell, Teacher, Eastdale Public School
“Excellent! 3 different situations gave a good variety of how to use this strategy. The children remembered the 3 steps and the song helped them remember. We really enjoyed it! Yvette & Oscar are great!”

Kari McDonald, Early Years Teacher, Ekcoe Central Public School
“I and my students enjoyed Yvette’s ‘quiet’ manner…the nature of Oscar’s voice made the students eager to listen. The message, ‘Think, Talk, Walk’ is constantly referred to in my classroom by my students and myself. My students love remembering Oscar’s message. Very enjoyable performance!!!”

Ray Hughes, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Thames Valley District School Board
“Yvette’s presentation is unique, effective and entertaining. She has developed a realistic script that explores all aspects of bullying. Students are challenged to examine both their attitudes and behaviors regarding this important topic. Through audience participation, students learn how to deal with bullies in a proactive non-violent way. Truly a professional performance.”

Pat Laidlaw, Teacher, River Heights Public School
“This was a marvelous presentation. Mrs. Locke was exceptional. The children loved the show. The puppets were good role models. The children learned how to present themselves appropriately. This is an essential presentation in today’s world. Thank you Yvette.”

Marianne Botosan, Grade 2 Teacher, Brick Street Public School
“I thought the presentation was excellent. The puppets are a great way to get children to understand the subject matter. The children were very interested in what the puppets had to say about solving problems.”

Karen Swartz, Grade 3 Teacher, Emily Carr Public School
“I felt the presentation was top notch! Bullying & teasing happen on all school yards and it taught the students effective problem solving skills. I feel the presentation was most beneficial to my class.”

B. Urquhart, Vice-Principal, River Heights Public School
“Yvette – Your presentation was excellent. The students were mesmerized…Your work and understanding of the children’s needs and knowledge was right on…Thanks.”

Elizabeth Fleming, Grade 3 Teacher, Rolph Street Public School
“I also liked the way the girl puppet ‘Robin’ was the ‘bully’ in the first play. We occasionally stereotype bullies as being boys and you’ve acknowledged that this is not always the case. I liked the way you had the audience come up with ways to solve the problem (much better than lecturing students). My sincere thanks!”

Dan Frank, Grade 3 Teacher, Northdale East Public School
“All children were captivated. Show was right length. Message got through, as I discovered on yard duty afterward. Kids inspired to be ventriloquists and not to be victims or bullies.”